USB 2.0
UL 21099 Universal serial Bus 2.0 Cable


=Rated Voltage:30V

=Reference Standard:UL444,UL13,UL1581,UL758 & USB2.0 Specification

=HDPE and HF insulation

=Tinned stranded copper drain wire

=Tinned copper wire braid shield

=TPE jacket


=Differential impedance at 20°C(TDR):90Ω±15%

=Common mode impedance at 20°C:30Ω±30%

=Progation delay(TDR differential):5.2ns/m

=Single ended skew:<=100ns


=Press UL vertical tray flame test

=Plug&Play technology

=Single connector for all devices that previously used serial,keyboard,mouse and game ports

=Windows 98 operating system support

=Standed feature in new PC chipsets

=LSOH Wire&Cable halogen(CI,F,Br,I,At)<50ppm

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